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߲Ƶ Collections


The University has a wide variety of collections including:

  • ߲Ƶ Art Collection
  • Collection of the Australian National Museum of Education
  • The Economic Mineral and Geology Collections (the Matthais Collection)
  • The Ecology Wet and Dry Specimen Collection
  • The Indigenous Teaching Collection
  • The Nursing Collection
  • Rare Books and Clough Collections
  • Sporting Memorabilia Collections
  • The Gifts Collection
  • other small collections at faculty level

The wonderful collection of National Centre for Australian Children's Literature (NCACL) is also housed on ߲Ƶ campus and managed independently by NCACL. NCACL is turning 50th on 12th March 2024. You can learn more about them here and join the celebration:

What's happening in the ߲Ƶ Collections space?

The University has great potential for an engaging and activated network of Collections of significance that tells the story of the people and places of ߲Ƶ and Ngunnawal country. To embrace such potential, we are currently working on:

  • Reviewing strategies, policies and procedures of the collection,
  • Our storage space, database, documentation and labelling,
  • Developing a more cohesive and curatorial approach to the accession and display of artworks throughout the campus.

For enquiries and feedback about ߲Ƶ Collections, please contact ߲Ƶ Collections Coordinator Zora at


I am a current ߲Ƶ staff member, can I loan an artwork from ߲Ƶ Collections to make my office more welcoming?

At the moment, full-time ongoing staff members working in-person from their office (private or shared) on Bruce Campus can request an internal loan of 1-3 artworks from the ߲Ƶ Art Collection depending on the size of the office. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Measure up the space you intend to decorate in the office. Please ensure:
    • if it is a wall space, it should be a plain wall, not a wall with functional panels or made of bricks;
    • there is no furniture pieces that may impact the potential display (e.g. adjustable desks, tables, chairs, doors, equipment, cupboards, curtains...);
    • there is no source of potential strong lighting, heat or water impact (e.g. air conditioner units may drip water, direct and permanent source of sunlight, an equipment turned on may produce constant heat...)
    • any wall that is freshly painted needs 14 days before an artwork can be installed against it.
  2. Book in a meeting (30 minutes) with ߲Ƶ Collections Coordinator to view and discuss options in storage space by internal email and calendar invite.
  3. Send through a service request once the artwork is chosen. Any questions about this process can be discussed during the meeting above. Please follow the steps:
    • Login to Staff Portal;
    • Go to 'Operations portfolio' menu and select 'Campus Estate';
    • Under 'About Us' section, select 'Our Services/Request Services', go to the service portal by clicking 'Campus Estate Service Portal';
    • Login in with your ߲Ƶ Staff account and follow the prompts. Select 'Art Collection' for Category and 'Art Hire for Offices' for Job Type. Make sure to be clear about the contact, cost centre, what the artwork is, and where you want the artwork to be installed exactly;
    • By submitting the service request, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions for internal loans:
      • Look after the collections item. Ensuring it is exposed to the least amount of lighting (closing blinds when possible, turning off lights when the office is not used, etc) and least amount of dirt, moisture or heat. Ensuring it is not at risk of being damaged by physical objects near it.
      • The collections items can only be relocated by ߲Ƶ Collections Coordinator and designated staff members. Never move the item unless in an emergency, where the Collection Coordinator should be contacted immediately. For insurance purposes, we are required to know the exact location of each item at any given time. When a staff member move office, the artwork cannot be relocated to the new office with the staff.
      • During the loan period, the Collections Coordinator can inform staff to relocate the items for any teaching and research activities, public engagement, safety concerns, or re-curation of collections, when required.
      • There will be no labelling for the artworks in private offices, however, you will be provided basic information about the artwork that the university has on file when receiving the loan.
      • Internal loans borrowed from ߲Ƶ Collections for private office are termed for two years. After two years, the item will return to storage for conservation services before relocating to a more accessible location for public view. This is to ensure that our collection items are accessible to community on campus. Staff will be in contact to install the artworks for you once the service request is submitted.

This only applies to occupied, frequently used office space where the public cannot access. All displays in public space on Bruce Campus is for the ߲Ƶ Collections to curate and rotate. This new method is still in design and trial process.