• Leda Alvim


Updated: May 27, 2019

How would our lives be if we didn't have a purpose to follow?

The word 'purpose' has such extreme value and power. In the same way, having a set purpose defined in your life gives you the motivation to fight for your goals, and ultimately, your dreams.

A purpose is what keeps us motivated and driven to achieve our goals and dreams. Without it, life would not have a meaning or any aspirations to follow. We need a purpose to guide us in the right direction, in whatever we may do in our lives. Without that set purpose, we would be just going around in circles without any sense of direction or anything to look forward to.

Ask yourself, what is your purpose in life? How are you going to make the most out of your time here on Earth?

While growing up, I was always interested in the field of photography and communications, either by watching movies or participating in school projects. Throughout my life, I found the true purpose that I shall follow with my whole heart and be insanely committed to, which is to share the power of and my passion for storytelling through photography and videography. One important thing to mention is that I wasn't born or given this purpose, but I had to work my butt off and follow my heart to earn it.

If you're hoping that a miracle will help you to find your purpose in life while you're seated in your sofa doing absolutely nothing, you're wrong. You find your purpose by trying new things, exposing yourself to new perspectives and diving deep into a life full of adventures. If you just sit and wait, nothing will happen other than wasting time.

Let's talk about time! Such a precious thing that we can't control, but has such a significant impact on our lives. We are certain that time has an expiration date. Someday, our time here on earth will end. Until that time comes, we are faced every single day with a choice to either make the best out of our lives or live miserably without a purpose to follow. Do you want to use your time wisely? Start by developing time management skills! Organize your time to meet all your daily goals and work towards achieving your future dreams and fulfilling your purpose.

Having a passion in my life is what makes me a better person. Without it, I would not be who I am today. It motivates me to face all my challenges and fears while working towards my goals and dreams. Passion is what gives life a purpose and makes it worth living. To me, storytelling is my biggest passion which connects with my purpose to help others to tell their own story. I cannot imagine myself without it, all I know is that I would feel empty and uncertain about where to go next.

Photography is not about having an expensive camera or using artsy presets in your pictures. It’s not about the money earned with each client or the number of photos you take. Photography should truly be about the purpose that drives you, the emotions being transmitted and the story being told in each picture. Without passion, the art would not be given the proper value and admiration.

Passion is what allows us to give our best in everything that we do and take any risks when facing our scariest fears. It gives us the strength to live life to the fullest and be happy with whatever career we might choose to pursue.

I have a purpose in my life that I will and continue to follow. What is your purpose? Fight for it and don’t be afraid to face your fears. Life will be much happier when you’re doing something that you love and following your own purpose.

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