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Photography Matters

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Ever since I became a photographer, my life changed in a way that it’s even hard to describe. It all started when I purchased my first DSLR camera when I was just 12 years old, back in my home country Brazil where I lived most of my life and discovered my passion for photography. During that time, photography was simply a hobby where I would go outside and take pictures of my daily life and some plants that I found on the way. Five years ago, I would never have imagined that someday, I would be here writing this blog post to you nor even building my own business. To me, photography became more than just a simple hobby, it became my DNA.

All those years passed, however, my love and admiration for the field only grew more each day. I did not get where I am today without the people that I met, the experiences that I lived, and all the lessons that I learned throughout the years, which were fundamental for both my personal and professional growth in this field. Having the opportunity to hear so many stories and work with many wonderful people helps me achieve this dream and continues to motivate me even more to aspire bigger things for the future.

The more I started learning about photography, the more I realized the many misconceptions that surrounds the field. With the significant growth in the market and in social media platforms, buying a camera and self-identifying as a photographer became more common over time. Some people might think that it is easy to become a photographer, where you just need a camera to shoot to make profit and become one of those social media personalities. However, that same misconception is what it is making the field even more common, saturated, and devalued throughout the years.

When people see the final product on social media, many of them might not realize all the hard work and sacrifices that it took to get that perfect shot. Behind every picture, there is a photographer who spent many years of his/her life learning and several hours of hard work and dedication spent editing every single picture. Behind every picture, there is a soul full of passion and dedication with the eager to fight for his/her dreams.

No matter what level of expertise someone might have, photography is not an easy task that anyone can bear. It is a hard and challenging field that requires sacrifices and several years of dedication, passion, and persistence. On the other hand, it’s not an art that people can learn in books, but through experiences and everyday discoveries. People might call themselves a photographer, however, photography is more than just a title; it’s about your passions and how much you are willing to sacrifice yourself to follow this beautiful, inspiring, and life-changing art. Passion and dedication are what makes a difference in every single photographer and makes this field as beautiful and inspiring as it is. Our only job is to value and show appreciation to those people.

Photography is a beautiful art that has the power to capture special moments of our lives make them last forever. Without photographs, we would not be able to look back to our memories otherwise present in our minds and hearts. Through this field, we are able to relive emotions and precious moments that will be forever cherished throughout our lives. Photography matters, as well as your own story. As human beings, we have the obligation to give its proper value and acknowledge the importance and influence that it has over our lives and existence.

Small gestures can have a significant and meaningful impact on someone’s life. We, as human beings, have to share love and appreciation to those that keep fighting for their dreams. We might not know their entire journey and the challenges they faced until this point, however, we can show them our support and motivate them to keep going. We are all humans and we all want to be acknowledged.

The next time you see a photographer’s work, do yourself a favor and show appreciation to their work and give them credits when you share their pictures. Simple actions like this is the minimum you can do to show them how much you value their work and dedication.

Photography should not be about the title but about the passion and the purpose that makes this art unique and meaningful.

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