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Purpose gives our life a motivation to fight our battles and surpass the daily challenges we face. Without it, we would live a life without motivation for personal growth. My purpose in life is to follow my passions and help others tell their own stories, without any filters. To me, every story matters, including yours. With my skills, passions and hard-work, I want to help capture your essence, special moments and raw story. 

My story

Raw, without any filters

Ever since I was a kid, I always found myself fascinated by the power of storytelling. Growing up by watching movies and always being behind a camera, my passion for the field only grew over time. When I was 12 years old, I got my first DSLR camera as a gift from my parents. It was love at first sight! I used to carry it around everywhere, including family reunions, birthday parties, school events, and even during family trips. I love how the camera allows me to immortalize a moment in the format of art. The power of photography to unite people and make those lost moments last forever is indescribable. The memories, moments, and times that will never come back will be forever cherished and remembered through photographs.  

Throughout the years, my love for photography only grew. Hearing stories and learning from others are some of the things that I value the most. I love how we can learn so much from others just by learning their stories and their experiences in life. Capturing a chapter of their journey is such an honor for me, one that I will never take for granted. Stories matter and it's power is extremely important for our existence. If it wasn't for stories, we would not have the same aspirations, dreams, and goals that we cherish in our lives. To me, stories are like breathing air and are part of my DNA. 

Going back to when I started Leda Alvim Photography, I only had one mission in mind: to tell the stories that need to be told. Ever since then, I started to realize the significant impact that stories have in our lives and how they have the power to change the things and people that surround us. To me, every story matters, no matter where you're from or how old you are. My passion for photography goes beyond word! Through this field, I'm committed enough to dedicate my time, energy, and creativity to make sure every story is told.

Through this field, I want to share how much I am passionate about photography and storytelling to others. Are you willing to jump on this beautiful, unforgettable journey? Then let's shoot! 

- Leda Alvim


"Leda is the best photographer I know and one of the best people I've ever met in my life. She is very focused on what she does and she cares about every single detail during the photoshoot. All the pictures came out amazing and I was extremely satisfied with the final product. I highly recommend Leda for anyone looking to get their pictures taken."


—  Vitória Ribeiro, Student


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